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Thursday, December 08, 2005

GIGABYTE Launches i-Cool for intelligent CPU Performance and Fan Noise Control!

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, VGA cards and other computing hardware solutions, today introduced GIGABYTE i-Cool, the intelligent CPU performance and fan noise control utility!

In today’s environment, PC’s thermal and acoustic performance is becoming more and more important. A desirable PC should be cool and quiet; GIGABYTE i-Cool utility allows users to reduce heat generated by CPU through reducing the CPU clock speed and enabling CPU fan to run slower and quieter.

The GIGABYTE i-Cool utility achieves this through 5 CPU power usage settings targeting applications that require different performance levels. Additionally, it also reduces the CPU fan speed to achieve best thermal and acoustic performance ratio!

Level 1 is most suitable for internet browsing or productivity applications such as word processing, where CPU performance is set to 12.5% of its maximum value. Level 2 sets the CPU performance to 25% and is well suited for playing DVD movie and music where reduced unwanted noise drastically improves the user experience. Level 3 sets the CPU performance to 50% and is well suited for applications such as file copying and disk defragmenting. More demanding applications such as virus scanning and music or photo editing are well suited to level 4 where sets the CPU performance to 75%, while the most demanding applications such as gaming or 3D editing require level 5 where sets the CPU performance to 100%.

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