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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Apple release version 4.5 of iTunes

Apple have released V4.5 of iTunes. So what's new:-

iMix lets you publish your own playlists on the iTunes Music Store and share your musical mixing expertise with the world.
Party Shuffle. iTunes 4.5 can automatically create a continuous queue of songs from a playlist you select or from your entire music library.
Print CD Jewel Case Insert with a list of songs and your choice of cover art.
The new Lossless Encoder provides the full quality of uncompressed CD audio at half the size.
Keep track of the songs you want to buy — creating a "Wish Lists"
Library Links to get more information about the songs, artists, and albums in your music library.
Radio Charts (new on the iTunes Music Store) let you know what music the top radio stations are playing.
You can authorize up to 5 computers to play the music you purchase from the iTunes Music Store.
You can now convert songs saved in unprotected Windows Media format into the AAC format.

Download from Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes


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